What to expect in Advanced CSM (A-CSM) Workshop

Almost all my A-CSM students told me that what they expected from the workshop is totally different from what it really is. Most of them thought it is some more tricks and tips about Scrum and ScrumMaster role. However, it turned out be a totally different dimension of ScrumMaster.

I would like to give an overview of this workshop so that the aspiring ScrumMasters can make an educated decision on whether to take this course. I run this as a 2-day classroom workshop. The learning objectives for this workshop are broadly categorised into:

  • Scrum Mastery
  • Deep Dive into Scrum
  • Facilitation
  • Coaching
  • Service to Development Team
  • Service to Product Owner
  • Service to the Organisation

Self Awareness: The workshop starts with a self-awareness exercise where ScrumMasters baseline themselves as far as Scrum Values, Personal Values, Listening skills are concerned. Students practice Servant Leadership through out the workshop.

Agile Frameworks: ScrumMasters gain deeper insights into Scrum Framework as well as knowledge of other Agile approaches like Lean Software Development and eXtreme Programming.


Facilitations: ScrumMasters learn Facilitative Listening techniques and few simple and effective Facilities Techniques for prioritisation, decision making and for getting feedback etc.ScrumMasters practice these techniques through out the workshop and get feedback from other students and me on what to improve. Students also learn how to design, execute various meeting for given scenarios. This is a fail safe environment for learning and practicing the new skills.



Coaching: It has been a aha moment for most of the ScrumMasters when they learn coaching.ScrumMasters learn what is coaching and what is not. They learn the core competencies of coaching like Trust Building, Active Listening and Powerful Questioning. They also learn GROW model for coaching. I demonstrate a coaching session with one of the students followed by all students will practice by coaching each other. You will gain enough knowledge and practice get your coaching journey.


Conflict Management: ScrumMasters learn conflict response mode and how to deal with conflicts with in Scrum team. This is very important for ScrumMasters to be self-aware of their default conflict response mode as well as of the team members they are dealing with.


Service to Development Team. Day 2 start with a recap of the previous day. Students learn deeper about Agile Teams characteristics, Definition of Done, Extreme Programming and how to coach team on Self-Organisation.

Service to Product Owner: ScrumMasters learn how to facilitate creating Vision Statement, Identifying Personas, Product Road mapping. This would help ScrumMasters to serve their product owners better in moving from Vision to Product Backlog.

Service To Organisation: Students learn Organzational Impediments identification, Root Cause Analysis os those techniques. They also learn concepts of scaling like Feature teams, Dependancy management, visualisation and how to reduce the dependancy.


ScrumMasters go through series of exercises and practice sessions to be hands on through out the workshop.

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