Kanban Certification (KMP Foundation) Training

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Kanban Certification (KMP Foundation) Training is a set of principles and practices that have been observed in successful Kanban initiatives worldwide. Since its inception, it has developed and matured as an effective approach for organizations to achieve greater business agility. The Kanban Method embraces the constant change inherent to managing knowledge work and enables IT, financial services, insurance and global organizations to become more collaborative, unified and productive in the face of growing competitive pressures and organizational chaos.

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Kanban Certification Training Course Overview

With Kanban, we start by developing and visualizing a joint understanding of the current way of working. We look at how things are working and where there are sources of dissatisfaction. Then, improvements are identified and introduced. The Kanban System Design course provides the foundational background of The Kanban Method and then guides the students through the process of understanding their systems so they can design an appropriate Kanban system to meet their needs. By understanding the core concepts of The Kanban Method, you will be able to design a Kanban system to improve visibility, communication, and collaboration within your team.


Kanban System Design (KMP-1) Certification Is Suitable For :
1) Agile coaches
2) Servant leaders
3) ScrumMasters,
4) Software Developer
5) Software Tester
6) Agile Project Managers.


1) Become faster and more responsive, with better risk management and governance.
2) Learn the alternative approach to agility.
3) Career growth.

KMP I Certification

1)There is No examination for Kanban System Design (KMP-1) training.
2) After the Kanban System Design (KMP-1) training, you’ll receive an email from Kanban University that will include a link to create your login credentials.
3) You Can download the certificate from Kanban University Portal ,which will be a downloadable PDF file.


1) All are welcome to attend the course, regardless of experience.
2) Attendees are expected to have read “Kanban” by David J Anderson or “Kanban from the Inside” by Mike Burrows.
3) Experience in Agile/Scrum or Should Have CSM Certification.

Kanban Certification Training FAQ:

What skill will we get after completing Kanban Certification?

After completing Kanban Certification you will gain Lean management, Balance workload, Risk management, Visualise work, Improved product quality, Faster delivery.

What is the prerequisite for Kanban Certification?

There is no prerequisite for Kanban Certification. A Professional who wants to grow their career in professional management can join the session to become Kanban Training Certification.

How long is the Kanban Certification valid?

Kanban Certification is valid for Lifetime.

Who is the Governing body of Kanban Training Certification?

Kanban University (KU) is the Governing body of Kanban Training Certification.

How many PDUs and SEUs will we have after completing Kanban) Certification Training?

You will be getting 16 PDUs and SEUs after completing Kanban Certification Training.

What is the mode of training for Kanban Training Certification?

The mode of training for Kanban Training Certification is Live Virtual Classroom (LVC).

Is there any group discount for Kanban Certification Training?

Yes, You will be getting an additional 30% off for Kanban Certification Training.

How many days will it take to complete Kanban Certification Training?

2 Days, 16 Hours it will take to complete Kanban Certification Training.

Can we get Kanban System Design Course Completion Certificate?

Yes, You will receive Kanban System Design Course Completion Certificate.

Will I get in-person certificates for KMP Certification?

Yes you will receive in-person certificates for KMP Certification.

Will we have to renew Kanban Certification?

No, we don't have to renew our Kanban Certification. It is valid for lifetime across the world.

How can we pay for Kanban Certification Training?

You can make the payment online through credit/debit card, net banking etc. For Kanban Certification Training.

What is the cost for Kanban System Design (KMP1) Certification Training?

Kanban System Design (KMP1) Certification Training cost is INR 29,498 all inclusive.

What is the process of KMP Certification?

1. Attend the course taught by Certified AKT Trainer. 2. Attend the 2 days of training from KMP Trainers . 3. Get rewarded as KMP Certification from Kanban University (KU).

What is the passing rate for Kanban System Design Certification Training?

99.99% is the passing rate for Kanban System Design Certification Training.

How can we join the Kanban Training Certification?

You can join The KMP1 Training Certification via Zoom video conference.

What is the 100% MoneyBack Guarantee for KMP Certification Training?

Suppose if you have paid the amount for KMP Certification Training. In Case if you want to cancel the session. In that case, we will refund your 100% of the amount, Or you may join the next session free of cost.

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  • Activity Based Learning
  • Get Opportunity to trained with India’s 1st CST who is eligible to Certify you on all six Modules of Scrum Alliance Courses, (CSM +A-CSM+CSP-SM+CAL-E+CAL-T+CAL-O)
  • We believe in 100% Customer Satisfaction, If you don’t Like our Trainings, Talk to our team Immediately, 100% refund, No question asked.
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Our Students Say..

I can endorse Nanda without doubt. He possessed the skills to train people with ease on complex topics . Needless to say, he possesses exceptional knowledge on Scrum and Agile frameworks.

All the best Nanda!!
Rupesh Dubey
QA Manager
Thanks Nanda for influencing our life. Your teaching and class room sessions are like gold.The conviction and clarity with which you explained what Agile and Scrum, and what it is not is truly commendable. Thanks for being our Guru !!
Neha Bharadwaj
Nanda provided excellent CSM training to a mix of resources from executive leadership to development resources. His training style is engaging and reinforces the fundamentals of SCRUM for resources from both India and USA.
Patrick Patterson
Director, Product Development

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