CSM Training

Clear crisp concise training with apt examples. Liked the course structuring in Scrum model. Nanda provided some great insights to clarify the queries. Overall the course was smooth and swift.

Was able to clear the certification immediately after the last session !!

Vijay K

Scrum Master Certification

Nanda provided excellent guidance and has a wealth of experience and knowledge. I truly enjoyed his CSM training course and his approaches to introduce the material while learning. I would definitely recommend his course for learning, adapting and implementing agility in the professional career .

Swapna Janga
AmerisourceBergen Canada

One stop for all Agile and Scrum

The training was very well organized and the knowledge sharing was an amazing experience. All my queries were answered and Nanda Sir provided his valuable guidance which will surely help me moving ahead in my career. The study material provided helped a lot during preparation. Thank you.

Rashmi Kadulkar


Nanda has given an outstanding and thought-provoking workshop. In-depth knowledge on the topics. Gained a lot from this session.

Thanks a lot, Nanda !!!

Sunil Devaguptapu

It was great learning session

This session was very eloquent and comprehensive. All doubts were graciously cleared.

Darshan H N

Wonderful Scrum Trainer

Very Good explanation. One of the best trainers I came across.

Akshay Muddada
Magna Infotech

Very Interactive and Informative

The entire course is planned very well and executed seamlessly.
Nanda is a very good Agile coach.
Thanks Nanda for guiding and being part of our Agile journey.



Simply matchless

Nanda is one of the best Agile Professional and no doubt the best Agile coach, I have ever seen. He has so deep knowledge base that whatever we can think of about Agile transformation , he has solution handy that too superbly effective and practically possible. Wishing that soon will get another chance to interact with Nanda. Congratulations Nanda.

Nitesh Sharma

Very Pragmatic sessions with key insights into Scrum and Coaching Techniques.

I am in awe of Nanda sir. His sessions have been extremely professional, knowledgeable and created positive learning environment.
Learnt good Coaching & Facilitating techniques to making us change our way of thinking in order to become effective, successful team player and add value to our org.
I attended A-CSM and CSP-SM, Highly motivating course that can be put into practice immediately and perceive results.

Pratik Dahule

Highly recommended and outcome oriented

I have attended ACSM, CSP SM, CAL E , CAL T, CAL O with Nanda sir. All his trainings are very fruitful and outcomes are great. It helped me to attain high level of agile knowledge and agility in life. It was helpful to find the market needs and also to get the better opportunity.
I thank you Nanda and team Poweragile for their help.

Vasant Gutte
Techmahindra ltd

Wonderful and interactive workshops (A-CSM and CSP – SM)

Nanda delivered highly interactive and thought provoking sessions. The hands-on process, the coaching perspective, the active discussions have really helped a lot. Got more than what I asked for. Thank you

Sai Rudramaina

Exceptional Trainer

I attended a CSM training provided by Nanda in February 2021. I enjoyed the classes and learnt a lot. Nanda has exceptional knowledge in Agile and Scrum and his training sessions are engaging. He answers questions and provides clarity on the intricacies of the Scrum framework. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to start their journey on being a CSM.

Tariro Rarayi

Highly recommended

I truly enjoyed all the classes ( CSM, A-CSM and CSP) that I have taken with you. There is a lot to learn from you. I really liked the way you made training more relevant and applicable by bringing your coaching and facilitating expertise to the class and making us apply it right at the moment.

I will highly recommend your classes to all my fellow agile teams and colleagues and hope to continue to seek your guidance in the future.


Interactive and Focused

Generally, having a 9 to 5, an 8 hours sessions gets boring, we may loose track, miss the things, only slides keeps on moving. However, this session has made me to take this statement back. The session, content was more impressive and makes sure that everyone puts hands-on as much as possible. All questions gets clarified with satisfaction. Opens the new doors of opportunity by making to unlearn wrong concepts and learn right things in right way! I thank Nanda for this wonderful session!

Shreeshail Aalgundgi

I got a lot of

I got a lot of insights for implementing Scrum in a practical scenario. Nanda sir’s teaching was exemplary and I hope I will continue the journey of learning further also with him.

Vinson Jos

Great experience!!

Glad that I have chosen Nanda’s workshop on Scrum Master fundamentals. Great trainer. Clarified each and every query with real time examples.Was bit sceptical about virtual session, but it was nothing less than a live class. Thank you!

Dilshad Mirza


Nanda Sir is an excellent trainer, His style of teaching to their students are very unique. His way of teaching facilitation and coaching techniques is excellent and he eases the concepts through excellent training. I am very blessed that I got an opportunity to learn A-CSM from him. One must be at Sir’s training for his fabulous coaching.

Amit P Shah
Genpact Daligit

An awesome place to get an exceptional experience, to learn SCRUM Values and Principals

Nanda is an amazing coach, trainer, and mentor, I get rejuvenated when he teaches complex topics with simple words. Earlier I had my A-CSM training where learned a lot about the coaching skills, which thrived to pursue my CSP-SM again with Power Agile and with Nanda. And again CSP-SM was a whole new experience on the agile facilitation, while made me realize what I am doing now is not good enough and open a new perspective to facilitation
Overall, it was an amazing learning experience and these skills will definitely help me in the agile and Scrum career. Thank you, Nanda and power agile for all the knowledge.

Cerner Healthcare India Pvt Ltd

Insightful workshop for ACSM and CSP SM

I attended ACSM in June 2020 and it was a great learning for me. Learnt and implemented many facilition techniques and coaching techniques which helped me grow in my Scrum mastery path. Last weekend I completed CSP SM. Very excited to implement advanced coaching techniques along with the agile transformation steps.
Thank you very much Nanda for great coaching and wonderful interactive workshops which kept us engaged to elevate our learning graph.

Trupti Patil
Wipro technologies

Excellent continuous learning experience

I have attended Nanda’s A-CSM and CSP-SM classes. His training style is really amazing and his explanation is simplified and easy to understand. Got to know many techniques which not only is useful in our professional life but also in our personal life. He is very inspiring.
Thank you Nanda for making us ready in this learning journey.

Akshay Korade

Amazing Learning Experience

I attended Nanda’s A-CSM workshop in Jan’21 and got a deep understanding of Agile principles as well as the Scrum values. I also learned coaching and facilitation skills. There were multiple practical activities and sessions during the workshop that were very useful for practice in a safe environment. After each session, there were analysis and feedback sessions with Nanda and the team which provided me new insights for self-improvement and development. Overall, it was an amazing learning experience for me and I am sure that these skills and knowledge will support me to become a successful Agile Coach and Scrum Master and will take my Agile career journey to the next level. Thanks a million, Nanda!

Anurag Prakash
UCD, Dublin, Ireland

Excellent CSM Training

Nanda provided excellent CSM training to a mix of resources from executive leadership to development resources. His training style is engaging and reinforces the fundamentals of SCRUM for resources from both India and USA.

Patrick Patterson

Thanks for being our Guru !!

Thanks Nanda for influencing our life. Your teaching and class room sessions are like gold.The conviction and clarity with which you explained what Agile and Scrum, and what it is not is truly commendable. Thanks for being our Guru !!


Exceptional Knowledge

I can endorse Nanda without doubt. He possessed the skills to train people with ease on complex topics . Needless to say, he possesses exceptional knowledge on Scrum and Agile frameworks.

All the best Nanda!!

Rupesh Dubey