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Exceptional Knowledge

I can endorse Nanda without doubt. He possessed the skills to train people with ease on complex topics . Needless to say, he possesses exceptional knowledge on Scrum and Agile frameworks.

All the best Nanda!!

Rupesh Dubey

Thanks for being our Guru !!

Thanks Nanda for influencing our life. Your teaching and class room sessions are like gold.The conviction and clarity with which you explained what Agile and Scrum, and what it is not is truly commendable. Thanks for being our Guru !!


Excellent CSM Training

Nanda provided excellent CSM training to a mix of resources from executive leadership to development resources. His training style is engaging and reinforces the fundamentals of SCRUM for resources from both India and USA.

Patrick Patterson

Amazing Learning Experience

I attended Nanda’s A-CSM workshop in Jan’21 and got a deep understanding of Agile principles as well as the Scrum values. I also learned coaching and facilitation skills. There were multiple practical activities and sessions during the workshop that were very useful for practice in a safe environment. After each session, there were analysis and feedback sessions with Nanda and the team which provided me new insights for self-improvement and development. Overall, it was an amazing learning experience for me and I am sure that these skills and knowledge will support me to become a successful Agile Coach and Scrum Master and will take my Agile career journey to the next level. Thanks a million, Nanda!

Anurag Prakash
UCD, Dublin, Ireland

Excellent continuous learning experience

I have attended Nanda’s A-CSM and CSP-SM classes. His training style is really amazing and his explanation is simplified and easy to understand. Got to know many techniques which not only is useful in our professional life but also in our personal life. He is very inspiring.
Thank you Nanda for making us ready in this learning journey.

Akshay Korade

Insightful workshop for ACSM and CSP SM

I attended ACSM in June 2020 and it was a great learning for me. Learnt and implemented many facilition techniques and coaching techniques which helped me grow in my Scrum mastery path. Last weekend I completed CSP SM. Very excited to implement advanced coaching techniques along with the agile transformation steps.
Thank you very much Nanda for great coaching and wonderful interactive workshops which kept us engaged to elevate our learning graph.

Trupti Patil
Wipro technologies

An awesome place to get an exceptional experience, to learn SCRUM Values and Principals

Nanda is an amazing coach, trainer, and mentor, I get rejuvenated when he teaches complex topics with simple words. Earlier I had my A-CSM training where learned a lot about the coaching skills, which thrived to pursue my CSP-SM again with Power Agile and with Nanda. And again CSP-SM was a whole new experience on the agile facilitation, while made me realize what I am doing now is not good enough and open a new perspective to facilitation
Overall, it was an amazing learning experience and these skills will definitely help me in the agile and Scrum career. Thank you, Nanda and power agile for all the knowledge.

Cerner Healthcare India Pvt Ltd


Nanda Sir is an excellent trainer, His style of teaching to their students are very unique. His way of teaching facilitation and coaching techniques is excellent and he eases the concepts through excellent training. I am very blessed that I got an opportunity to learn A-CSM from him. One must be at Sir’s training for his fabulous coaching.

Amit P Shah
Genpact Daligit

Great experience!!

Glad that I have chosen Nanda’s workshop on Scrum Master fundamentals. Great trainer. Clarified each and every query with real time examples.Was bit sceptical about virtual session, but it was nothing less than a live class. Thank you!

Dilshad Mirza

I got a lot of

I got a lot of insights for implementing Scrum in a practical scenario. Nanda sir’s teaching was exemplary and I hope I will continue the journey of learning further also with him.

Vinson Jos

Interactive and Focused

Generally, having a 9 to 5, an 8 hours sessions gets boring, we may loose track, miss the things, only slides keeps on moving. However, this session has made me to take this statement back. The session, content was more impressive and makes sure that everyone puts hands-on as much as possible. All questions gets clarified with satisfaction. Opens the new doors of opportunity by making to unlearn wrong concepts and learn right things in right way! I thank Nanda for this wonderful session!

Shreeshail Aalgundgi

Highly recommended

I truly enjoyed all the classes ( CSM, A-CSM and CSP) that I have taken with you. There is a lot to learn from you. I really liked the way you made training more relevant and applicable by bringing your coaching and facilitating expertise to the class and making us apply it right at the moment.

I will highly recommend your classes to all my fellow agile teams and colleagues and hope to continue to seek your guidance in the future.


Exceptional Trainer

I attended a CSM training provided by Nanda in February 2021. I enjoyed the classes and learnt a lot. Nanda has exceptional knowledge in Agile and Scrum and his training sessions are engaging. He answers questions and provides clarity on the intricacies of the Scrum framework. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to start their journey on being a CSM.

Tariro Rarayi

Wonderful and interactive workshops (A-CSM and CSP – SM)

Nanda delivered highly interactive and thought provoking sessions. The hands-on process, the coaching perspective, the active discussions have really helped a lot. Got more than what I asked for. Thank you

Sai Rudramaina

Highly recommended and outcome oriented

I have attended ACSM, CSP SM, CAL E , CAL T, CAL O with Nanda sir. All his trainings are very fruitful and outcomes are great. It helped me to attain high level of agile knowledge and agility in life. It was helpful to find the market needs and also to get the better opportunity.
I thank you Nanda and team Poweragile for their help.

Vasant Gutte
Techmahindra ltd

Very Pragmatic sessions with key insights into Scrum and Coaching Techniques.

I am in awe of Nanda sir. His sessions have been extremely professional, knowledgeable and created positive learning environment.
Learnt good Coaching & Facilitating techniques to making us change our way of thinking in order to become effective, successful team player and add value to our org.
I attended A-CSM and CSP-SM, Highly motivating course that can be put into practice immediately and perceive results.

Pratik Dahule

Simply matchless

Nanda is one of the best Agile Professional and no doubt the best Agile coach, I have ever seen. He has so deep knowledge base that whatever we can think of about Agile transformation , he has solution handy that too superbly effective and practically possible. Wishing that soon will get another chance to interact with Nanda. Congratulations Nanda.

Nitesh Sharma

Very Interactive and Informative

The entire course is planned very well and executed seamlessly.
Nanda is a very good Agile coach.
Thanks Nanda for guiding and being part of our Agile journey.



Wonderful Scrum Trainer

Very Good explanation. One of the best trainers I came across.

Akshay Muddada
Magna Infotech

It was great learning session

This session was very eloquent and comprehensive. All doubts were graciously cleared.

Darshan H N


Nanda has given an outstanding and thought-provoking workshop. In-depth knowledge on the topics. Gained a lot from this session.

Thanks a lot, Nanda !!!

Sunil Devaguptapu

One stop for all Agile and Scrum

The training was very well organized and the knowledge sharing was an amazing experience. All my queries were answered and Nanda Sir provided his valuable guidance which will surely help me moving ahead in my career. The study material provided helped a lot during preparation. Thank you.

Rashmi Kadulkar

Scrum Master Certification

Nanda provided excellent guidance and has a wealth of experience and knowledge. I truly enjoyed his CSM training course and his approaches to introduce the material while learning. I would definitely recommend his course for learning, adapting and implementing agility in the professional career .

Swapna Janga
AmerisourceBergen Canada

CSM Training

Clear crisp concise training with apt examples. Liked the course structuring in Scrum model. Nanda provided some great insights to clarify the queries. Overall the course was smooth and swift.

Was able to clear the certification immediately after the last session !!

Vijay K

Polite and Patient

It was excellent 2 day CSM session. I have understood the basics well. I can apply in my organization without hesitation now. Nanda is very polite and patient in answering any question asked.

Bala Venkatesh Nadiminti
Franklin Templeton

Good Training Session

The training session is very useful and able to understand the Agile process. Thanks to Nanda.

SriKrishna Raghammudi
Msys Technologies PVT Ltd

Value for being AGILE

Very well explained by the trainer Sri Nanda Lankalapalli. Could correlate with my practical experience, as to what was being explained in the class. Very useful and interesting. Worth attending the session. I thank my Organization for enabling me to attend this training course.

Shashidhar Nadimpally

2 days training by Nanda

2 days training by Nanda was really awesome and helpful. Understood the concepts very well. He delivered them in such a simple and interactive way which will be helpful going ahead.
Thank you Nanda.

Shilpa Bhagwat

CSP- Scrum Master

Nanda is a brilliant and highly skilled Scrum Trainer who really knows how to bring best out of the attendees. Nanda explains Scrum concepts in a very simple, concise and clear manner. I would highly recommend Nanda to aspirants looking for Agile Scrum trainings. Thank you Nanda.

Dipash Kumar

Wonderful session with role play

Workshop along with role play is very helpful in remembering the techniques for a long time. Session is conducted professionally. There was never a deviation from ongoing topic. Every time I attend an agile workshop, it makes me feel that I have just scratched the surface in agile implementation and there is so much that can be done with knowledge I gained from each session (CSM to A-CSM to CSP-SM).

Pradeep Nareddy

Great learning experience

Well organized and structured training, Nanda Sir is real good trainer and an Agile SME

Shoaib Sadule

fast paced, full of valuable learning

Nanda takes us quickly through the various aspects of what a CSP is required to know and apply, while all the while supplementing with coaching and facilitating quips, examples and stories

solomon victor

Nanda Sir is amazing. He

Nanda Sir is amazing. He is dedicated and very sincere. He is very knowledgeable. Would love to get trained by him again! Thanks Sir…

Sumanta Arun Mitra
Cognizant Technology Solutions

A lifetime coaching experience!

I had a wonderful two days of workshop with Mr.Nanda on Advanced Certified Scrum Master.

I totally enjoyed the session and I loved the way he ran the workshop diligently and also planning well. It was real time experience and I am not sure if I would get such experience in a physical class room.

My perspective towards Scrum changed totally and thanks to Mr.Nanda for that! I will keep coming for other leadership training with you!

Vikram Jaganathan

Awesome coach

I attended ACSM training recently conducted by Nanda Sir. He covered the topics interactively and used exercises, videos, use cases and role play techniques to explain concepts. Looking forward to attend future trainings with him in my certification journey. Thank you Nanda sir. You are amazing.

Abdulbari shaikh

Great trainer

The trainer, Mr Nanda Lankalapalli is very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Mr Nanda to everyone who wants to sharpen Agile leadership skills.

Yap Kean Keong


Was an engaging learning

Karthik Harikrishnan
McKinsey & Co

Felt Very Clear with the explanation

Felt Very Clear with the explanation and Working sessions are very helpfull

venu madhavi

Awesome Training

I had this CSM Training on 18-19th Spe 2021 & it was pretty good. Sessions were interactive we had many activities to understand. Overall a good training

Amruta Kuntoji
Robert Bosch

Wonderful learning experience (CAL-O)

I thourougly enjoyed the workshop, Nanda is a great trainer with vast knowledge in this subject and he shared his own experience across many industries he coached, that helped me a lot to get a better understanding and was able to relate to the goal that I am aiming for.

I would recommend Nanda (Poweragile) any day.


Sravana Kumar Nellore

One of the PRO workshop Trainings (CSM)

Nanda’s way of training is way different and engaging as well. He deserves a round of applause and the way he takes things to simple learning is amazing. His way of simple teaching is really awesome. Thanks, Nanda for the wonderful session.

Aravind Suresh
TechAspect Solutions

CSM training

It was very good training learnt a lot.


CSM Online Trainer – Mr. Nanda

Mr Nanda is an amazing person with good knowledge base and experience. Asides the fun side to him, his calm disposition and patience to listen and respond to students meticulously is truly awesome.

The CSM class was interesting and I shall recommend to friends and colleagues who desire AGILE Leadership training.


Well done!!!

Emeka Egbunike
Ralmuof Konsult Limited

The CSM two day training

The CSM two-day training was very fun and interactive. The instructor required full participation, gave breaks, listened to all questions and gave knowledgeable answers.
I will recommend this class to all.
Thank you


CSM Training

That was great training, I just attended a mock test after one month, I am able to clear it. So the training strategies were used for long-term retention. Thanks to Nanda. He has blended the online technologies and F2F training (even this also via Zoom) with the right mix and delivered effective training on CSM. Great experience.

Ravichandran R

Amazing Session

Session was very informative and plus point was we were practising things then and there, there were lot of mis conception revolving in the market but this session helped in clarifying lot of those

ZS Associates

Excellent training

Very good explanation about concepts. The sessions made to increase my professional and personal confidence levels

C Hari kishan
Nextory private limited

CAL-O training

Nanda is a fabulous, high knowledgeable and very professional trainer. This was one of the best training I attended. Highly recommended.

Dipash Kumar
KK Inc


Nanda you were awesome in explaining all the topics on Agile training. You were focused, commuted, and showed admirable command on all the topics involved. Thank you for all your efforts.

Shaik Javeed Qasim
Broadridge Financial Solutions India Pvt Ltd

It was an effective 2 days training on Scrum.

I am immensely benefitted by the coaching given by Nanda Lankalapalli on Agile methodology and Scrum framework. The session was lively and combined the theoretical framework of Agile practice along with rich experience which really helped us to understand the Scrum process much better.

Thank you!!

Anjuna William

Agile training delivered to the highest standards!

I recently completed my CSP – SM with my trainer Nanda. In short, it was an incredibly well delivered course that helped me gain new knowledge, connections and immediate actions to take within my organization’s. Nanda’s focus on getting students to think and to do so collaboratively helped us appreciate the contextually diverse nature of Scrum and its interdependence on other frameworks in order to achieve maximum value. Thank you Nanda. I am grateful for what you have imparted to me and will use it wisely.

Jody Blake
Blake Group

Much more than a certification course

The CSP-SM with Nanda Lankalapalli is a full space of experiences sharing with people from many countries that enrich your knowledge and awake your conciousness.

Jorge Morales

Well planned and in depth content

Course is well planned and it has in depth content!

Pallavi Karanth
Novartis Healthcare Private Limited

Elaborative and interesting session

Training is planned very well for any one without any knowledge to understand.


Awesome Training

Awesome Training

Priyanka Srivastava

Fantastic Training

Nanda is an amazing trainer, he turned me into a scrum master from his teaching style and knowledge of the topic.

Henry Ogbenna
GDD Consulting Ltd

Well Structured class

Mr. Nanda has covered all aspects of CSM requirements, was patient enough to answer all out queries, and has very good knowledge in this domain.

Al Masraf

Enriching your professional and personal life

Mr. Nanda is vastly experienced and knowledgable on the scrum framework. His interactive sessions and his fun analogies ranging from household activities to sports with respect to the scrum made the entire workshop engaging and easy to understand. Glad that I could complete my certification with ease and with good grades.
Thank you Sir !

Karan Kakade
Siemens PLM Software



Chandra Sekhar SONTY

CSM Workshop

It was an incredible workshop. Nanda’s vast industry and process knowledge is outstanding. Staff(Meghana) from PowerAgile was extremely helpful in sorting out the registration.

Premkumar Kalyanasundaram

Nanda Lankalapalli is true coach

Nanda is great mentor, I liked how candid and practical he is and kept all of us engaged during hands-on session. His style of teaching is amazing, He kept me motivated to stay hungry for knowledge. I am honored to have him as my coach my words would not be enough to explain what I have learnt from him.
Thank you so much for sharing you some drops on knowledge ocean during the CSP session.

ITC Infotech Pvt Ltd

Nanda Agile class is excellent

Thank you Nanda for an excellent Agile CSM two day class, it was very explanative very clear understandable

Raghukanth Prodhutoori

Hi Nanda,It was great learning

Hi Nanda,
It was great learning weekend. As one of the old quotes go, that if you can make a 6 year old with almost low knowledge understand, that only shows how much grasp of the topic you have. You broke down the explanations of the complex terms to basic everyday things, which made it extremely enjoyable at the same time a great learning experience, for e.g. The football goal analogy and the coffee making.
Going forward, even though if I forget official terms and documents, analogies will hopefully keep me in the path. Also, the way you explained every sentence of the question, thank you!

Paniya Kanji

A Different World!

So Nanda has an unique striking way of teaching, he connects with you to the real world scenarios with interesting puns and takes you to a different ride of Agility.
I got so impressed by the course that now I see scope of Agile everywhere in my life, and that’s what he is good at…

Getting you in tat Mindset!
No second thoughts on taking up this one.

Pinoo Razdan
Edelweiss Tokio

Wonderful Scrum Journey!!!

Nanda Lankalapalli taken us through the wonderful journey of Scrum. Covered all the Agile and Scrum concepts and explained well about purpose, activities, and quiz.

Venukiran Pasupuleti

Venukiran Pasupuleti
Epiq Systems Pvt Ltd


Nanda Sir,
Your vast experience and knowledge sharing is awesome. Online classes became very interesting and best Learning experience.
Great Learning experience from Learned Mentor,Coach, Trainer. I learned a lot from him .Worth attending his classes and investing in can trust him and his knowledge & knowledge sharing techniques.

Manoranjan Pandey

Manoranjan Pandey


It was a good interactive session. Thank you very much for providing such wonderful session. I am glad to inform you that, I am CSM certified now. Thank you????.

Adinarayana chokkapu

Very good training

Very good training and good coach

Atul Maithani

One of the best training I have attended

Nanda Sir has been an excellent trainer and a wonderful coach.. Throughout the training I was completely engaged with the concepts, which were taught in a very unique way. The practical sessions were plenty and we’re very useful in getting a very hands-on experience. One of best thing was the way the entire training was planned and executed.. A thorough professional and gem of a person..

Shrikant Angre
Ugam Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Great learning experience

I have gone through A-CSM training. I have a great learning experience as we were put into different breakout rooms and each time there were different people who have a different mindset and I have learnt lot of things in those sessions. Also we have a facilitator session during which each team member got to know that what improvement they can do during their scrum sessions. And the last but not the least we learnt that how to maintain a patience level during coach-coachee sessions

Abhinav Aggarwal

Coaching skills

Great coaching skills…. for eg: Focused on Practical examples along with theory

Bhanu T
Tata Consultancy services

Great Training with good live examples!

Excellent class conducted with practical & illustrate examples.

Yogesh Patil
Automation Edge

Great CSM course!

Very well structured course. Sessions were engaging. It helped me to clear the scrum exam without any additional effort or preparation. Thanks Nanda!

Anil Kumar R

Although the subject was theoretical,

Although the subject was theoretical, you made it interesting with quizzes and other jam boards. Enjoyed the course. Thankyou for your guidance for the CSM exam.


Nanda broke everything down in

Nanda broke everything down in detail, kept a range (from different geographies) of participants engaged and energetic through out the 2-day session. I’m happy I took this course. I am a Certified Scrum Master now and I will be looking for opportunities to put in to practice everything I have learnt.

Adedotun Lawal

ACSM course

This session was really great! Mr Nanda is amazing trainer, he delivered the training with such an ease. The practice sessions were really helpful to understand the concept.

Aparna Phadke

Comprehensive Training

It has been wonderful experience with mix of both lectures and engaging activities between team members during break-out sessions. Very engaging experience indeed with Mr Nanda. Thanks a lot!

Ashish Kukreti

Wonderful course

The course had some insights on the Scrum Fundamentals and am confident about certification in Scrum

Aditya Birla

Short and Simple

The training was very helpful and the trainer kept it so simple that it’s hard to forget the concepts.



Thank you so much Nanda

Thank you so much Nanda Lankalapalli for the wonderful training. The sessions were deeply engaging with lots of activities. The concepts taught were more deep dive, practical and we could corelate with the challenges faced in work place. Now I feel more confident to conduct scrum master role more efficiently.
Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Mousumi Tripathy


The course was so helpful, I became confident, learned coaching techniques, facilitation skills, time management, active listening. Thank you so much Nanda. Great Job!!

Indu P

Class was great. I understood

Class was great. I understood great coaching techniques to be an effective Scrum Master

Mobola oluwaji

Very well taught class.

Very well taught class.

Bolanle Ade-Okesola

CSM Work shop training

Nanda Lankalapalli has very good knowledge and teaching experience.

The course was timebounded and informative.

Jai Kumari Papanna
Cyient Ltd

Value for Money!

Excellent Training and great learning experience.
Training was very interactive and was conducted very nicely. All concepts were cleared to understood with help of examples.

Chakrapani Sevva

Excellent Learning Sessions

Mr. Nanda Lankalapalli is highly knowledgeable and very accomplished. It was a remarkable and rewarding learning experience.

The sessions were well structured, apt, interactive and conducted in a professional manner. The experiences and the anecdotes that were shared made it more interesting and engaging.

Looking forward to sign-up for more such session with Mr. Nanda.

Thank You.

Subramaniyan Kavassery Viswanathan

Agile Leadership Teams

Well run course and very useful. Nanda is a great teacher and i found his teaching of the subject very good. Alot of interaction and discussions.

Noel Brannigan

Wonderful Session

It was really one of the wonderful session I have ever attended. Nanda has very good knowledge of Agile/Scrum. The session was designed very beautifully that anyone can easily understand. Nanda cleared all the questions very patiently and brilliantly, I would definitely recommend PowerAgile to my friends and colleagues.

Gopi Krishna Bandi
Tata Consultancy Services

Nice to learn methods of

Nice to learn methods of agile and scrum. Energetic and good coach.

shakti sinha
Hindustan Construction Company

CSM – Scrum Master

it was a great experience to study with the Nanda sir on the CSM workshop.

sonali khurana

Nanda Training Review

Training was insightful and interactive

Al Masraf

A-CSM Training and Certification

Thank you Nanda for power-packed 2 days of great practice learning sessions and collaboration throughout the 2 days. Great to know all the Scrum Masters of the class. Your valuable guidance in Coaching and Facilitating will definitely help me with my future goals and aspirations. Thank you Power Agile team for all the backend support.

Best Regards,

Sandhya Jagtap


It was an excellent training and is very useful.


Great mentor to be certified in CSM

Great mentor to be certified in CSM


Very much insightful and interactive session

I really appreciate Nanda for conducting such magnificent session in a fully interactive and engaging way. The content that were covered are very much relevant to skill up any beginner or intermediate level Scrum Masters who are facing challenges in facilitation, team building or coaching the team. I found this program a lot more practical than theoretical. Overall the session was thought-provoking and insightful.

Shekh Shamsuzzaman
Field Nation

An effective 2 days training on Scrum/Agile

It was an incredible 2 days session…Attending your class has been a pleasure!’. Thank you Nanda Sir, for Well organized and structured training. Excellent!

Sadanand Panchal

Sadanand Panchal

Scrum certification feedback

Overall session from Nanda sir was very insightful, all the asked question answer given with example.
All the discussion was fruitful and real life examples given not more on the philosophical.

Narendra Thakur
UST blueconch

Great teaching skills

Best part is expliaing by giving real time examples

Amit Gairola

Knowledgeable and experienced trainer

Content of the classes were easy and rightly thrown at trainees. Plenty of general examples were given to make even a naive person is able to grasp the concepts

M N Charan
FIS Global

I really enjoyed the course

I really enjoyed the course Nanda, and your informal fun approach to presenting the material. The course was presented in an enthusiastic way. The content can be related not only to speech therapy but also to events and situations in daily life. It leaves me with a real feel-good factor. I can highly recommend it to Scrum Master aspirants.

Also, I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that Power Agile team does a really good job. I’m glad I decided to get trained with you. It’s really great how easy to reach out to the concerned person. I never have any problem at all.

Kudos to the PowerAgile Team!

Kunal Patil
Burns & McDonnell


It was really a nice session by Nanda Sir practice sessions helped us to understand scrum in detail

Amol Jagtap


Nanda is an amazing coach and he has a good way of teaching.
And it’s my luck that he had given me classes for the SCRUM master.

Alok Kumar

Good knowledge

Got good knowledge. It was interacting session

Naveen Katta

Grab his class when you can, you won’t regret it.

I highly recommend Nanda Lankalapalli class as not only he teach but also give practical and real life examples to understand better with workable assignments. Whatever we study we can effectively implement in our organiziation and workplace. I am glad that I took class from him. I would certainly recommend for anyone considering the scrum classes.

Shivtaj Malik

I am lucky to be

I am lucky to be part of Mr Nanda’s session. He knows how to make the session interactive.

Prem Kumar Nanda

A very helpful session, Thankyou!

A very helpful session, Thankyou!

Priyanka Malame

Very Engaging, collaborative and Informative Training

The whole training experience was seamless. I loved the way the training was so collaborative & interactive in nature despite being in virtual mode. Mr.Nanda gave some good real life examples that we can easily relate to for easy understanding. Thank you team for the wonderful experience !

Krithika K

Not just money, value is delivered

I have done my A-CSM and CSP-SM from Power Agile and Nanda Lankalapalli.

I see him as an encyclopedia with vast amount of experience. His trainings sessions are concept driven and practical, so you can relate to the real time project scenario’s.

Subramanyam Gunda

Csm certification

I have attended csm training by power agile.Iam sure that it will help me to clear my csm certification

Gourishetti Shirisha

CSM certification by coach Mr. Nanda

Mr. Nanda is a great coach , I have done CSM course from power Agile and It is surely going to help me work and facilitate my project teams as a Scrum Master and to implement Scrum, also he cleared and help me understand all my doubts!

Kalyani Thorat
CRIF Solutions

My training experience with Power

My training experience with Power Agile was excellent! I was quite impressed with the quality of classroom teaching and the blended learning approach. Overall, it was great value for money and time.

Olaseni Olorunfemi
NodeStream Consulting

CSM training testimonial

I attended CSM training on Aug 20th and 21st, 2022. Nanda sir conducted this training. It was a very good experience. Very well time-managed. He answered all queries with patience. He explained all the concepts thoroughly.
I will definitely recommend this to everyone who wants to learn Scrum.

Prajakta Mahajani

Understanding was great and patience

Understanding was great and patience in answer the questions. It a great experience with Nanda sir. Thank you so much

Kamineni v s s lakshmi
People prime world wide, Hyderabad, India

great trainer

Hi ,
I found my Nanda’s training classes quite commendable. His way for coaching is actually do it and learn. He is an enthusiast whose passion is to expand Agility in every domain. His passion reflects in his way of coaching.

Senior SM

Deepak Singh

A-CSM testimonial

I thought the course to be very helpful and very eye-opening. There are lots of key take-outs from this call especially on the self-reflection items. The trainer was also very beneficial and it was very nice learning from his experience, but I was hoping we get a bit more feedback from him on the live-exercises we did.

Tatiana Chaer


Very interactive and engaged session

Kingshuk Roy

Advanced Scrum Master Training Testimonial

I would like to express my gratitude to Nanda Lankalapalli and Power agile team to conduct the Advanced Certified Scrum Master training program. It was really productive and I learned a lot about advanced scrum concepts and more practical applications of scrum.

Rohana Kumara Amarakoon
Colombo Software Global

Really Powerful Agile Learning

I had the opportunity to attend Advance CSM training facilitated by Mr Nanda Lankalapalli. It was a wonderful 2 day session where all the topics were clearly outlined. Learned about coaching and facilitating techniques which would be helpful to use in my day to day activity as a Scrum Master.
I feel more confident on activities to be performed as a Scrum Master.

Karan Malik
HCL Canada INC

Great Mentor & Great Course !!

Mr. Nanda is an expert in his domain and a great Mentor. I have learned a lot with this two days workshop and recommend this course to all who are aspiring for csm career. Thank you!!

Sanjeev Vemula


The course is conducted in a very effective manner and it has really helped in learning the scrum. Thanks alot. The trainer is very well equipped.


CSM Training with Power Agile

I really enjoyed the training the CSM training with power Agile . Mr Nanda is extremely great in teaching and mentoring us on realtime scenarioes , quiz and all .

happy to be part of the batch .

Bhaskar Patibandla
Direct Line Group UK

Valuable Training

Very insightful and interactive training sessions.

Aishwarya Kaushal
TA Digital

Taking Mr. Nanda’s class

Taking Mr. Nanda’s class was very helpful and impactful . He is very knowledgeable and takes you through the class, making it seem achievable. I took the test and passed first time just as he said most of his students would.
I’ll recommend to everyone.

Efe Emz

How to implement Scrum in the organization

My Takeaways with my training for A-CSM were that I got more Handson idea about implementing Scrum in the organization. I got the idea of how to facilitate different Scrum events and get maximum participation and involvement from the team. How i can be a good coach to my teammates and who so ever needs me and how I can increase the productivity of the organization. I had a wonderful leaning experience and my knowledge for Scrum has enhanced so much.

Shubhi Gupta
JP Morgan and Chase

Mr Lankalapalli’s class was comprehensive

Mr Lankalapalli’s class was comprehensive yet easy to understand. He provided practical examples which will be useful in my career.


Nanda’s Advanced Scrum Master training was fantastic.

I attended in Nanda’s 2-day Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM) certification class. The two-day session was great. This workshop taught me advanced Scrum techniques as well as coaching and facilitation skills. Overall, everyone in the team absolutely enjoyed and engaged in the session, which was quite interactive. We were able to learn more about Scrum thanks to Nanda’s expertise in it. In addition to the session, He asked us to complete the Scaling Scrum and Coaching courses from Power Agile, both of which are top-notch. I appreciate Nanda’s teaching, mentoring, and coaching of advanced Scrum concepts very much.

Ramji Venkatanarayanan
DXC Technology

Great Session !!

The course was really helpful and the way scenarios were compared with real life examples made it very easy to understand the concepts of Scrum Master course. Thank you !

Rajesh Kumar Patlolla

Best Coach for A-CSM

Nanda Lankalapalli is one of the Best Coach for A-CSM. Thank you Power Agile for organizing the session.

Shashikant Dubey

Great experience

I got a chance to attend A-CSM training from Nanda. It was a great experience and learning. Many doubts get cleared after 2-day session. The way Nanda arranged the activities are amazing. It gives the opportunity to everyone to get involved.
Nanda makes very less notes. Most of the training was activity based.
Thanks for Mentoring us Nanda.

Nischal Bansal
RSystems International Ltd

Great Training Course and Classmates (A-CSM)

Nanda did an excellent job of leading us to knowledge. My classmates contributed as well. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Stephen Sewalk
SMS Business Entities Holding Co

Thank you very much Nanda

Thank you very much Nanda for your valuable training, I really enjoyed it and appreciated that you made it fun! I feel much better prepared now to deal with. Thank you for your personable presentation.

Tata Consultancy Services

Outstanding Advance Scrum Master Training with Nanda Lankalapalli

I had the pleasure of taking the Advance Scrum Master training with Nanda Lankalapalli and it was an incredibly valuable experience. Nanda is an exceptional trainer, with a deep understanding of the Scrum framework and a wealth of practical experience. He was able to effectively convey complex concepts in a way that was easy to understand and apply.

Throughout the training, Nanda provided real-world examples and scenarios to illustrate key concepts, which made the material more engaging and relatable. He also fostered a collaborative and interactive learning environment, encouraging participants to share their own experiences and ask questions.

I highly recommend Nanda as a Scrum Master trainer. He has a great ability to connect with his audience and his training is tailored to the needs of the group. Nanda is a great listener, very patient and has a great sense of humor which makes the training engaging and fun. He has a great ability to explain complex concepts in a simple way, which makes the training easy to follow and understand.

Overall, I came away from the training with a solid understanding of the Scrum framework and the skills I need to effectively implement it in my organization. I would highly recommend Nanda Lankalapalli as a Scrum Master trainer to anyone looking to advance their skills in this area.

Ali Naveed

Nanda is awesome

CAL – T with Nanda was awesome experience. He explained things in very good and clear manner. I highly recommend Nanda for any Agile training that you want to do.

Vibhorkumar Tripathi
Wooga GmbH

I Passed my CSM exam

Thank you Power Agile for the invaluable training received during the weekend 28-29 Jan from Nanda sir. Straight after the second day session I took the exam and passed with a score of 92% all the exam questions were what I learnt during the 2 day course.

Anslem David

Welled explain about CSM

Nanda Sir well explain us about CSM and coming days i will rejoin A-CSM course with him and refer other to take CSM course from him.

Suresh Ratna Bajracharya
Self apply

Exceptional Learning Experience with Nanda: A Highly Knowledgeable Trainer”

I am delighted to provide a testimony for Nanda, a highly knowledgeable and experienced Scrum Master Trainer. I had the pleasure of attending one of Nanda’s training sessions on Agile and Scrum, and I must say that it was an exceptional learning experience.

Nanda’s training style is very engaging, interactive, and practical. He has an excellent understanding of Agile principles and Scrum framework, and he was able to convey his knowledge in a very effective and efficient way. Nanda has a wealth of experience in the field, and he provided numerous examples and real-world scenarios to help us better understand the concepts.

During the training, Nanda made sure that everyone was involved and encouraged active participation. He created a safe and supportive environment for the participants to ask questions, share their experiences, and learn from each other. Nanda also provided plenty of opportunities for hands-on practice and group activities, which helped us apply the concepts and tools in a realistic setting.

Nanda’s training has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of Agile and Scrum, and it has enhanced my ability to apply these concepts to my work. I highly recommend Nanda as a Scrum Master Trainer to anyone who wants to learn and excel in Agile and Scrum. He is an excellent trainer, and I am confident that his training will have a positive impact on anyone who attends.

Sandeep Kumar


Excellent training with insight of different techniques and most importantly sharing real time experience. This is more like workshop than preaching.

Inthiyaz Shaik

Best Experience

Thank you Nanda for providing us with different scenarios and the workaround and thank you for being soo patient to hear and understand from each one of you .. I felt like it was a open session and never did I feel that I shouldn’t be speaking because for you every opinion mattered.
Scrum Master role looked much easier now !! Thank you again Nanda !!

Sree Bindu Ravula
Bank of America

Great practical experience

Learnt a lot
Lot of practical exercises
Trainer had excellent coaching skill

My training had very large group if group would have been smaller would be more effective as i would have direct chance maybe to do exercise with trainer


Learning with examples

I attended 2 days CSM course. It was a great learning experience for me. Mr. Nanda explained the entire course by analogy with real life examples. He gave ample time to individuals questions and explained them quite thoroughly. The attendees were from different geography which helped me to understand from different people’s perspectives. Would definitely recommend him.

Ankur Agrawal
Persistent Systems Ltd

Great Delivery of A-CSM

Good course with a competitive price, what more could you ask?

Edison Tan

The CSM class by Mr.

The CSM class by Mr. Nanda Lankalapalli was really a kick start for all aspiring people. He helped us learn with very simple but strong examples. Thank you for a wonderful session


Excellent coaching by Mr Nanda

I have done CSM course from power Agile. Mr. Nanda is a great coach. He explained the scrum concepts in really easy and practical ways to understand. Now I will be able to implement those in projects. Thank you!

Aparna Deshpande
Cogniwize(Accscient group company)
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