True Collaboration!

Last week we had an issue in production. One of the reports was hitting the servers pretty hard. Our “Production support monkey” (all developers rotate this job every sprint) mentioned the problem in the standup meeting.

“The problem is that this report could be run for any date range and taking lot of time. Mean while user is clicking on the submit button multiple time that caused several instance of the report running.”

Soon after the standup meeting was over, engineering manager sent out an email with details of his research on who requested the report and how many times it was requested etc. This email went to whole engineering department.

DBA did some performance tuning to database and sent out an email with the test results of his change.

System administrator sent an email offering a shell scripting solution to monitor multiple running instance of the report and alert if they are running for too long.

Developers already thinking of couple of simple fixes to avoid user clicking multiple times. Team has all the knowledge and working on a integrated solution.

Points to note:

1.     Every one knows about the problem. This was automatic since everyone comes to standup meeting as well as everyone gets the emails.

2.     No one assigned any task to anyone. Everyone shared the responsibility and offered a solution from their side.

That’s what I call “True Collaboration”!

2 thoughts on “True Collaboration!

  1. Tal E.

    sounds like you’ve got a great team. it shouldn’t be taken for granted! In some companies whenever there’s a problem everybody starts blaming each other and no one wants to take any responsibility 🙂

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