My experience teaching Scrum to a non-profit organization

I recently received a request from a non-profit organization that they would like to join my CSM class. However, they have expressed that they can’t afford to pay the fee and need to look for a sponsor. I visited their office to learn about what they do so that I understand whether it is a genuine organization. I was impressed by the young people there who are serving the society. I offered them a free 1-day Scrum orientation.I conducted 1-day session on 22nd November for 50 people from this organization at a location organized by them. These people come from various background, mostly non-technical. Some of them are even from rural background. I taught the class mostly in native language, Telugu. To my surprise, these teams already exhibit some of the characteristics Scrum expects like transparency, self-organization and cross-functional behaviour. Everyone participated with curiosity and asked relevant questions. Best part is that I didn’t see the confusion and difficulty adopting Scrum that exists in corporate world, in this group since they don’t have too much of authority, politics and bureaucracy in their organisation.

I had to teach in simple terms so that they can relate to their work, making sure that software product jargon is not coming the way. It was a great experience and satisfaction to teach this group of people who is serving the society! Thanks to Bhargav and DSK Chakravarty for helping in the class!

To know more about this organisation, visit their website at

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