Effective ScrumMaster

Are you ScrumMaster and wondering how to get to the next level and be an effective ScrumMaster? This course will teach Active Listening, Facilitation, Coaching and Servant Leadership.

Fundamentals of Lean & Kanban

This Video course on Lean and Kanban gives you a basic understanding of Lean Values, Enemies of Lean, Various Wastes of Lean Manufacturing, Basic Metrics and Tools like Kanban VSM etc.

Advanced Coaching

If you already know basic coaching competencies and looking to deepen your coaching skills, this course will give you few advanced techniques in coaching like Personality Types, Emotional Intelligent and Transactional Analysis.

Introduction to Agile & Scrum

Are you wondering what is Agile and Scrum the whole world is talking about. In this video, I will explain basic of Agility and Scrum Framework so that you can decide whether to pursue it or not.

Introduction to Systems Thinking

This course gives you a brief introduction to Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS), it’s characteristics, Systems Thinking as a tool to understand the complexity and how to deal with it.

Introduction to Scaling Scrum

Scaling is a huge topic. In this video, I tried to give an overview of various aspects of scaling Scrum to a multi-team organization. 

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