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The Certified Agile Leadership—Teams (CAL-T) class will build strong leaders who can use their unique strengths for the betterment of the whole. CAL-T continues your leadership journey looking at ways to influence culture and support your teams on their journey to High Performing teams. It explores the multiple facets of your leadership role around mentoring and coaching and challenges you may face as you scale Agility in your organization. It looks at ways to be engaged with your team without micromanaging them, and using metrics that support your team’s growth. You will leave this workshop with a better understanding of what it takes to lead a fully functional Agile team and organization.

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Certified Agile Leadership for Teams (CAL-T) Certification Course Overview

Agile teams require an alternative to the traditional leadership approaches of the past in order to navigate this volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. This course teaches you how to create a safe-to-fail environment and foster a culture of transparency, inspection, and adaptation to allow for experimentation and continuous learning within your teams. The goal of this course is to create awareness about the changing dynamics in today's world of work and equip leaders with the practices they need to lead their teams with agility.
The combination of this certification with a Certified Agile Leadership Essentials now serves as the prerequisite for CAL II.


The Certified Agile Leadership for Teams (CAL-T) Certification Is Suitable For :
Team Leads
Managers (Line, Project, Program)
Vice Presidents
Scrum Masters
Product Owners
HR Professionals
The Leader in You … in All of Us


1) Demonstrate your knowledge through the gold standard of agile Leadership certification.
2) Use Your Leadership Quality effectively to understand why Scrum values are so important.
3) Increase career opportunities and expand your professional community.
4) Improve leadership skills and influence organizational change.

Certified Agile Leadership for Teams (CAL-T) Certification

1)There is No examination for Certified Agile Leadership for Teams® (CAL-T®) training.
2) After the CAL-T Training session, you’ll receive an email from Scrum Alliance , that will include a link to create your login credentials.
3) From the day when you receive an email from Scrum Alliance, you will be given 90 days to Download your certificate.
4) You Can download the certificate from Scrum Alliance Login credentials, which will be a downloadable PDF file.


There is no set of eligibility requirements to attend this Certified Agile Leadership for Teams® (CAL-T®) course.

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  • Activity Based Learning
  • Get Opportunity to trained with India’s 1st CST who is eligible to Certify you on all six Modules of Scrum Alliance Courses, (CSM +A-CSM+CSP-SM+CAL-E+CAL-T+CAL-O)
  • We believe in 100% Customer Satisfaction, If you don’t Like our Trainings, Talk to our team Immediately, 100% refund, No question asked.
  • Career Guidence Support 24*7 – via chat, email and phone : Assistance with Scrum Alliance Exam Registration process, For knowledge sharing, Exam tips,Access to Local study groups.

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Our Students Say..

I can endorse Nanda without doubt. He possessed the skills to train people with ease on complex topics . Needless to say, he possesses exceptional knowledge on Scrum and Agile frameworks.

All the best Nanda!!
Rupesh Dubey
QA Manager
Thanks Nanda for influencing our life. Your teaching and class room sessions are like gold.The conviction and clarity with which you explained what Agile and Scrum, and what it is not is truly commendable. Thanks for being our Guru !!
Neha Bharadwaj
Nanda provided excellent CSM training to a mix of resources from executive leadership to development resources. His training style is engaging and reinforces the fundamentals of SCRUM for resources from both India and USA.
Patrick Patterson
Director, Product Development
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